‘Tis the Season

An open letter to anyone who struggles with letting go...  A few weeks ago, I snapped the photo above, outside of my comfy apartment, and shared it with one of my good friends. I captioned it with: “Just wanted to remind you that you are blooming, and I’m so proud of you.” Now, this same [...]

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Musicians Beware: The Danger of Comparison

If you took another person’s strengths, and compared them with your weaknesses, how would you measure up? During my undergraduate coursework, one of my courses required students to attend at least ten recitals or concerts each semester. On a Sunday evening in early November 2014, I walked the short distance from my dorm to the [...]

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But I’m Only Human

We need to give our loved ones with mental illnesses the same love & support we grant to famous musicians. Quite often in my line of work, I am gifted with one of the most incredible gifts a music therapist, or any person for that matter, could receive: a client’s favorite songs. This may seem [...]

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How the Power of Music Can Break through Cognitive Disorders

Music Therapy in Motion, LLC was featured in InForum on November 1, 2019. FARGO — Sitting in a circle in the Devonshire wing at Touchmark in Fargo, several older adults chatter as Ashley Holten walks front and center with her guitar strapped to her back and tote bags full of instruments. She greets the group [...]

How the Power of Music Can Break through Cognitive Disorders2019-11-08T09:52:52-05:00

TedX Grand Forks

Breaking Barriers with Music Therapy “Music therapy gives hope when all else fails.” - Emily Wangen, TedX Event  This talk shares how music therapy was pioneered in a rural state and how music therapy has impacted the local communities. Emily discusses how music therapy is used [...]

TedX Grand Forks2018-05-15T16:34:38-04:00
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