An e-book by Morgan Nunberg, MT-BC/L
Music Therapist, Board-Certified/Licensed

As a music therapist working with individuals actively recovering from substance use disorders, you have the blessing of bringing music and its inherent power into an individual’s recovery.

Breaking the Habit is meant to help and inspire you and your work by providing session openers, interventions, and brief reflections.

This e-book is for you if:

  • You are starting to work with individuals with substance use disorders

  • You are looking to re-energize your skills and receive new ideas

  • You are a board-certified music therapist, advanced music therapy student, or music therapy intern.


You will move from feeling insecure and unsure to secure and confident in your music therapy work with individuals recovering from substance use disorders.

The Breaking the Habit e-book centers around 12 Steps programs (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous), which offers common themes that almost every client can relate to.

Breaking the Habit includes 3 distinct sections:

  • Session openers (client icebreakers or self-reflections)

  • Interventions (each centered around one of the 12 Steps)

  • Reflection (a therapist’s thoughts on addiction and recovery)

The benefits of your knowledge extend to your clients, and they will receive opportunities in:

  • Safe and successful emotional expression

  • Exercising group cohesion

  • Practicing positive coping skills


I was beyond impressed by the e-book, Breaking the Habit! Morgan has systematically and creatively curated music therapy interventions for each step in the 12-step program, providing the therapist with meaningful ideas that they can implement in their sessions.

With almost 50 pages of resources, song suggestions, goals, and reflections, this e-book is packed with a wide variety of thoughtful and engaging materials that music therapists – both beginning and seasoned MT-BCs – will find helpful! I found the clear guidelines for facilitation, as well as the suggested adaptations and helpful handouts, to be extremely helpful and truly make this an easy-to-use resource.

Additionally, I appreciated the wide variety of genres and songs used for lyric analysis, communicating, reflecting, and rewriting interventions (and I can imagine the clients will appreciate the variety, as well!). Thank you, Morgan, for creating this e-book that I know many music therapists will find both useful and inspiring!

~ Rachel See, MA, MT-BC

Meet Morgan…

Breaking the Habit is written by Morgan Nunberg, a board-certified/licensed music therapist. She is passionate about mental health treatment, addictions, and LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Morgan resides in Grand Forks, North Dakota and works in private practice with Music Therapy in Motion, LLC.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from e-book purchases will be placed in a scholarship fund at Music Therapy in Motion, LLC. These funds will provide financial assistance to individuals who may benefit from music therapy services.

Frequently asked questions…

Yes! This e-book was specifically written for those who are new to this population, as well as those who are more seasoned veterans. We hope this e-book will invigorate your practice and give you confidence when working with individuals with substance use disorders.

This e-book could be beneficial to advanced music therapy students and interns who are under the supervision of a board-certified music therapist. Part of the learning experience as a music therapy/intern is navigating a session that goes “haywire,” and thankfully, you also have supervision regularly available to you.

The e-book is 46 pages long, and includes ideas for session openers, specific interventions, and a brief reflection by the author, Morgan.

No. We recognize that 12 Step programs contain religious overtones, however, we do believe the program can offer common themes that almost every client can relate to.

Morgan shares, “…my late counselor, Jim Murphy, LAC, once humorously said, “Even if step work isn’t for you, it is.”

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